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Ranga Bheeshma... Karanth

B. V. KARANTH(Babukodi Venkatramana Karanth)
(1928 - 2002)

Birth: 19th September, 1928
Place: Babukodi, Karnataka (India)
Brief Career Profile:

An eminent theatre and film director, music director and educationist, who headed the following institutions:
Director, National School of Drama, India (1977-81)
Founder Director, Bharat Bhavan Rangmandal, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India (1982-86)
Founder Director, Karnatak Rangayan, Maysore (1989-95)

         B V Karanth is ever known name in the Indian Theatre. He is the person who gave a perfect, unique and new dimension to Theatre music. Karanth traveled across the India and worked with every stream of people of India. His contribution to Theatre can't be measured and very difficult to describe. He was very active and also creative whose dramas are festive in nature. they where rich in music, acting, visuals, properties, sets and each and every elements of drama. He gave what the play wanted. So we can see a wide range of difference in his every productions. He was considered as Ranga Bheeshma, Ranga Jangama and also Ranga guru.
         He was an actor in Gubbi company. Then he went to Banaras to complete his M.A in Hindi. He learnt music under the guidance of guru Omkarnath Thakur. He married Prema Karanth who was also a theatre person. He didn't have children but he considered his students as his children and his students in Delhi, Bopal etc use to call him as Father. He directed 4 feature films and 4 documentaries and gave music for 26 films. He won many National Film Award for best direction, best feature film, best music. He was awarded Padmashri, Kalidas samman, Sangeeth Natak Akademi award. Gubbi Veeranna award and many more. He directed many number of plays like Hayavadana, Kattale Belaku, Hucchu Kudure, Evam Indrajith, Sankranthi, Jokumaraswami, Sattavara Neralu, Macbeth, Chandrahasa, King Lear, Gokula Nirgamana, Mudra rakshasa, Mrichha katikam and many children plays like Heddayana, Panjara shale, Neeli kudure etc.
          He left the world of theatre on september 1st 2002. But he is still alive and is contemporary in Indian theatre.

For detailed information about B. V. Karanth, Read his biography " Illiralare Allige hogalare" written by Smt. Vaidehi

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